Is my Game Server Online?

"Is my Game Server Online?" is a web application that enables users to verify the availability and status of various game servers in real-time as well as see detailed information about them.

This application was created by Daniel Gibbs the lead developer of LinuxGSM to address the lack of a web tool to quickly check the status of game servers. Currently, the application caters to a broad spectrum of games, extending support to game servers utilising Valve, Minecraft, Gamespy, Quake, Unreal query protocols, along with a variety of other custom query types.

Tech Stack

This application is built using Node.js and Express, with EJS serving as the templating engine. It leverages the capabilities of GameDig, the Steam API, and ip-api.com to gather comprehensive game server information.


This application operates without a database, some data is stored in-memory for up to 30-days to speed up queries. All information is fetched in real-time from the game servers and third-party APIs. For diagnostic purposes, server logs, which include game server IP addresses, ports, and protocols used, are stored for a period of 7 days.

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